7F Pavilion Entrance


Pavilion Features

  • The heated and air conditioned portion of the pavilion is 30’ by 50’ long, yielding 1,500 square feet with ten tons of cooling capacity.
  • The main hall has hardwood floors.
  • The exterior is painted sage green.
  • The interior has weeping plaster walls that look like old adobe.
  • There are 11 large light fixtures and four track lights with dimmer switches.
  • There are eight large ceiling fans.
  • There are six four plex 110 volt outlets indoors and ten duplex outlets outdoors.
  • The covered pavilion on the east side of the main hall is 30’ wide and 70’ long with two sets of French doors opening into the main hall.
  • The covered porch on the west side of the main hall facing the chapel is 10’ deep and 60’ long. There are five sets of French doors opening into the main hall. There are 4 porch lantern lights on the west porch.
  • Wireless internet is available.
  • There is one set of double doors that open into the main hall from the service porch area.
  • The north entrance to the main hall is through an arbor which leads to one set of French doors opening into the main hall. There are three light fixtures in the arbor and one pair of up-lights on each side of the French doors.
  • There is a broom closet with cleaning supplies, flashlights, and ladder in the service area.
  • The main hall has one 7’ x 8’ French Burlwood armoire and one 24″ x 8’ French Burlwood sideboard with gold mirror.
  • There’s a 5-disc CD player sound system with four auxiliary jacks to connect portable devices. Microphone and lapel microphone also available for use.
  • The stone walk–way from the main hall to the chapel is 10’ wide and 41’ long.