7F Wedding Chapel

7F Chapel

Chapel Features

  • The turn of the century 7F Chapel is 14’ wide by 16’ long with hardwood floors.
  • The mantle is 6’ wide by 10” deep and is painted white.
  • The side walls consist of 15 windows each with a window ledge.
  • The back wall houses 10 windows also with window ledges.
  • There are two ceiling fans.
  • There are eight lantern lights inside the chapel on dimmer switches.
  • Currently the Chapel is not air conditioned.
  • There are eight 110 volt outlets.
  • The front French doors open back to allow a wedding party to cascade down the plaza steps.
  • There is one old pine kneeling bench.
  • There are two cream colored antique candelabras with pegged votive candle holders. Each candelabra holds seven candles.
  • There are two 4’ tall white fern stands.
  • There is one candle table which holds 25 votives. This may be removed from the chapel.
  • There are eight 4’ long pew benches. These may be removed from the chapel to add to outdoor or porch ceremony seating.
  • At no time may any of the religious icons be removed from the chapel.